Sunday, June 6, 2010

Inner Scarf, Anak Tudung Syria 14 Colour Menarik For Sale !

14 Colours Syria:
Material 100% Spandex -Comfortable and Stretchable
Price: Rm17

Postage:  RM6 Semenanjung Malaysia
Feel free to ask for Outside of Semenanjung Malaysia Buyers :)

Interested Buyer: E-mail or leave comments SYRIA and CODE to place your order :)


TB - Turqouise Blue
RC - Red Chilli
YM - Yellow Mustard
FP- Fuschia Pink
TE -Teal
PP - Purplish Pink
CR - Cream
CH - Chocolate
BR - Brown
LB - Light Brown
SV - Star Violet ( dark purple)
GE - Green Envy
BL - Black
WT - White

Sold OUT ;)

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