Thursday, July 8, 2010

Exclusive Pattern Silk Goldline Shawl / Selendang/ Hijab

Promo Price: RM65
Retail: RM129 (small), RM159 (big)
Size: Regular Shawl Size
Material: The finest quality Pure Silk.
100% Chiffon Silk Goldline (Washable,Handwash Only)
Tailor Made

F01: Floral + Stripes Pattern

With Hanging Love Shape Accessories
at the back
Quantity Available:  1 Small - SOLD
                               1 Big  -Available

F02: Grey Blue Sakura Pattern

Accesories upon request

Quantity Available:  1 Small
                           1 Big

F03: Black with Yellow/Gold Chain Pattern

Quantity Available:  1 Small
                           1 Big

F04: Peach + Pink Floral Pattern

               Quantity Available: 1 BIG (Dragonfly)- Available
                                    1 Small (Love) - SOLD

F05: White + Turqoise Green  Abstract Pattern

Available Quantity: 2 Regular Size Shawl

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